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May 15, 2013
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Equestria Boys by JaquelinDreamz Equestria Boys by JaquelinDreamz

I think my fingers need a rest. ^^;

I think my favorites are Elusive, Dusk and the last I how I made them. :meow: I'm a excited about this upcoming premiere, at the last those wings and pony's ears are gone from the Mane Six.

All I have to say is...Im okay with the movie.

Colts Six © :icontrotsworth:
Genderbend Design, Sunset Glare © :iconjaquelindreamz:
MLP:FIM © Lauren Faust, Hasbro.
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arantzitahermoxa Mar 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Con ganas de violartelos pero... No poder
Te juro que cuando vi esta imagen lamí la pantalla del computador
Mis favoritos fueron blitz y dusk ya que son sexis cute etc y les pusiste un cuerpaso! has mas Imagenes de dusk y blitz porfa
AlexanderThaHuman Mar 13, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Blitz= :zikesfanclub: 
Elusive= 1st test icon - pervy Lari Big Fool Emoji-1 (Pervy) [V2] Big Fool Emoji-15 (Pervy Blush) [V2] 
Dusk= 1st test icon - pervy Lari Big Fool Emoji-12 (Pervy Flirt) [V2]
Berry= :chairdance: PARTY HARD Party Cat 

AJ= Llama Emoji-16 (Nose Bleed) [V1]  Perverted Suggestive Perv plz Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] Fool Emoji-14 (Pervy Crazy Dance) [V1] Fool Emoji-16 (Pervy Yay) [V1] 1st test icon - pervy Lari Perv :cuddle: remake 5 seconds hug 
Butterscotch= la in love :love: :beach: I Love You Emote Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] Llama Emoji 35 (Desire or Want Something) [V2] Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] Llama Emoji-50 (Whistling) [V3] :hug Tard love 2 Marry Me Emote Will You Marry Me Emote :sex: Happy Family Emote 

Yeah so that's how I feel about them... Innocent :innocent: Revamp :innocent: :innocent: revamp :whistle: *innocent face*
So what do you think about the sequel Rainbow Rocks?
arantzitahermoxa Feb 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
buttershot=Bunny Emoji-30 (I'm cute) [V2]
aj=Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1]
elusivSpaz attack
berry=Big Fool Emoji-12 (Pervy Flirt) [V2]
dusk=Pervy Riyo icon
blitz=Icon - 019 Oliver (Nosebleed) Icon - 035 Felix Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] Heart - Free Heart - Free Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) Fool Emoji-14 (Pervy Crazy Dance) [V1] Fool Emoji-14 (Pervy Crazy Dance) [V1] 
HarietGleam Jan 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
My names ideas for Equestria Girls and Equestria Guys

Rainbow Blitz - Raymond Bradley
Rainbow Dash - Rachel Dowling

Elusive - Edward Diamond
Rarity - Rosaline Sapphire

Dusk Shine - Dustin Shars
Twilight Sparkle - Tamara Sparks

Bubble Berry - Bendy Branch / Benjamin David Branch
Pinkie Pie - Paula Petty / Pauline Diana Petty

AppleJack - Alex Jasper
Applejack - Amelia Jeffers

Butterscotch - Brian Sanders
Fluttershy - Florence Shaw

Sunset Glare - Sebastian Gold
Sunset Shimmer - Susan Sharp
arantzitahermoxa Feb 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
como se te ocurrieron esos nombres
HarietGleam Feb 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh, sorry I don't understand xD
Kitty-Starry Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I was thinking that RD would be Rhonda and Rarity would be Rachel...:P
HarietGleam Feb 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Nope :I
I don't like name Rhonda xD
Rosaline is more suitable for Rarity
And I love RD <3
So I want to she have a name Rachel ;p
Kitty-Starry Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
eeeyup. :)
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